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When we at Hedquist Productions hit the wall (and we do), these are the top ten techniques we use to bust through.

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Some decisions in life are difficult. Some are easy. Your next decision is easy. Here’s why:

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No more writers’ block

When your mind is blank, these ten can help you “jump-start” your way to creating spots that touch listeners’ imaginations and make sales.

“If you’re looking for consistently creative and inventive ways of writing radio commercials, there is no comparison to Jeffrey Hedquist. Using humor, theatrical staging, drama, contrasts, sound and silence, Jeffrey has the ability to rivet listeners to messages and compel them to act. His work defines the term “competitive advantage.”
- Jeff Green, former editor, Radio & Records

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I look forward to hearing about your successes using the powerful techniques in the Top Ten Radio Writers’ Block Busters.

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